Bulk Distribution during the health crisis


In these strange and difficult times that we are living through due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the Liquid Logistics Department (Bulk Distribution) has had to adapt to the new situation to carry out its functions in the safest way possible.

Typically, colleagues in the Telemetry team work 24/7 shifts and are unable to take work tools home, so their protection was chosen through teleworking from all planners and supervision. Their work space was also limited, shift relays without personal contact were established between them and they were provided with the appropriate hygiene measures for their safety. Through various surveillance platforms (LCS, InTouch and Advise), they constantly review the levels of the tanks and the state of the clients' facilities, paying special attention to the medicinal gases that have both increased their consumption and incidents these days. In addition, they are in charge of taking the calls received in the department as a switchboard.

Planners are teleworking in these difficult times. The consumption of medicinal customers has multiplied exponentially, but thanks to the work they are doing and the constant review of orders and levels of deposits, they are managing to optimize resources and supply all of them in a timely manner.

Transportation supervisors are also having a tremendous performance right now. They combine teleworking, the office and visits to production plants. Thanks to their effort and time (including weekends), it has been possible to change products very quickly and safely in several tanks to cope with the high demand for medical oxygen. Safety and personal protection measures to be taken by the drivers of our carriers are also supervised.

Raúl Nocea

Bulk Logistics Supervisor Iberia